Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Whale Shark? + True or False?

Hey jammers!
I think at the time the item hasn't been put out yet, because I looked in every store. Maybe AJHQ will put it out later.
Today's new video is in Tierney's Theater
That is a great question!!
The Daily Explorer has posted about yesterday's DIY.
I don't know if you saw the RIM being worn on an animal, but it actually had a few very small glitches! It were just ones where it would only cover half the face, and a lot of minor ones like that. ;)
Also it's the last day for the Sapphire birthstone!
Tomorrow is October!!

True or False?__
This will see how well you know Animal Jam! Answers will be right below in really small print.

-Do many jammers have a bow and arrow?
-The Night of the Phantoms lasts one week.
-Non-members can send gifts now.
-You can see if your an epic den because AJ sends you a jam a gram.
-Those question marks in purple bubbles around Jamaa are supposed to give you tips on being safe


Active News__
Jammer of the Month for October sign-ups still going on!!!

Monday, September 29, 2014

Rare Cone Collar

Hi jammers! I'm back! If you didn't read the little caption on the side, I was going on a little trip somewhere. 
So, today's RIM is on the second page in the Medical Center Shop!
My Rating-1/5
So the overall rating is 5/20! Hmm, in my opinion it's not the best RIM. It's kind of pricy, but I guess it could be worse...
The Daily Explorer has posted a Jammer Tip
The DE will probably be doing more Diamond Challenges!
Wow, in Jam Mart Furniture, there are a lot of items that will be leaving soon!
Be sure to grab them before they leave for good!
Also there are 3 days left before the bunny claw changes to a different type!

Also, Jamaa Township is all ready for Night of the Phantoms!
 There are lots of bats around. Click the paw for a fun fact!!
 Mira was replaced with this phantom statue. Aww, I miss Mira!!
 And the fountain has that Halloween ball on top, and there are graves everywhere!
And there is the Phantom Portal!

 With this game...remember?
This time you get this for a prize, and when you click it's head, the head jumps off and does some scary face. It's pretty cool! ^.^

Monday Mystery__
So, Jamaa Township is pretty close to what it was last year, but what will be new in the party? Will any extra special events happen as well?

Active News__
So today you can sign up for October's Jammer of the Month!!!
Here's the sign up:
The Animal Jam Active Blog's:
October Jammer of the Month Sign-Ups!
Do you think you want to be The Animal Jam Active Blog's Jammer of the Month?
If you:
  • Want to have a picture of you on the blog for a month
  • Want to have a picture of all your animals and your den in a post
  • Want me to link my den portal to your den
  • Want to be in the Jammer of the Month Hall of Fame
Then you want to be Jammer of the Month!!

To sign up all you have to do is comment:
  • Your username-
  • Your status (member or non member)-
  • Reason-
  • Special Notices (not necessary)- this is something you want me to know, it doesn't have to be AJ related but no personal info!
I hope you sign up! Happy jamming!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Trapped Phantom

Hey jammers!
Today's new item is in the Diamond Shop again!
And it's one diamond once again!!! Wow, these are some great items and they're only 1 diamond!
There is no new video....maybe AJHQ forgot!
And the Daily Explorer has posted about yesterday's RIM.
That tiger looks like it's celebrating!
And the Sunflower Lamp in Jam Mart Furniture will leave in 10 days!
Did you know that it turns on? ^shown above^

This or That?__
Would you rather the pet adventure be for all jammers or for members?

Active News__
I'm hoping that by the middle of October everything will be worked out and I will start all the fun!!

Monday, September 22, 2014

Rare Beard

Hey jammers!
It's RIM day!
It's on the 6th page in Jam Mart Clothing.
My Opinion-4/5
So, my overall rating is 17/20 that's great!! If you looked at this item and were really disappointed, then don't worry, because this one is purple! The original rare one is grey! I bet AJHQ knew people would not like it if they brought back the regular rares.
There is a new video in Brady's Theater
Wow, that's so cool!
And the Daily Explorer has posted a Jammer Tip about the Bulky Golden Phantom!
Wow, in that picture the tiger and golden phantom look so grand. ^.^
And the Bunny Claw in the Diamond Shop will be leaving soon
Don't worry, I think a new claw will take it's place!

Monday Mystery__
On the Jamaa Journal, it mentioned Night of the Phantoms coming soon.
What do you think it's going to be like this year? Do you think the party will have new items? What else would be new around Jamaa?

Active News__
Thank you! Some very nice jammers are giving me ideas for 8,500 views! I am starting to get the idea for a great celebration ;) I'm also starting to think of something to do for Night Of The Phantoms. Don't worry, I know these couple of weeks have nothing too interesting going on, but some really fun stuff will be coming up!!!

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Golden Phantom!?

Hello jammers!
Today's new item is in the Diamond Shop and is for members.
I know many jammers will be upset about this, because this item used to be on pretty high demand. Well, let's look at the bright side, it's a really good price, and you might not have that kind of Golden Phantom. I like it! What do you think?
There is a new video in Tierney's Theater
Wow, that's a great question! I didn't even know they were called a smack!
The Daily Explorer has posted a jammer tip about pet monkeys!
I love the pet monkeys!
Also, it's come to my attention that all items in the Medical Center Shop are on sale! (They won't be leaving, they're just on sale (; )
Interesting...Hopefully AJ will decide to have more Medical Shop items.
Also, look! The porch swing was supposed to be gone by now, but it's still here and it doesn't even have a last day sign!!
Maybe putting the "Leaving in __ days" sign was a mistake? Well, I'm glad it's still here. 
And in the Treetop Gardens there are 3 items that will be leaving soon!
Aww, it's sad to see them go! Most of the other items are already gone from a while ago in the Treetop Gardens!

Glitch Hour__
So, today I don't have a glitch! You can email me one or tell me one in the comments! Please do so, it helps a lot!

Active News__
Please keep giving me ideas, I'm on the verge of a breakthrough!

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Banyan Tree + TBA Adventure!

Hey guys! Guess what happened? I was just about to post when my Wi-Fi disconnected and wouldn't get connected again! Just my luck! Let me tell you guys something, right now I am so so so busy!! So if I miss a post one day I am so so sorry!! I will definitely catch up with what I missed.
So anyways today's new item is in the Treetop Gardens.
Wow! This item is cool!
Yesterday's item was in Epic Wonders
Ooh, this looks nice. I wonder how it looks on animals...
And on Thursday I seemed to miss the daily item! It was also in the Treetop Gardens!
Depending on how big the Banyan Tree is, this is my favorite item today!
The Daily Explorer has posted
The one for today is about safety
 They look like they're having fun!
And a diamond challenge?! Congrats to those who won!
Also jammers, many of you know about the TBA adventure! Well, I think it's going to come out next update day! The TBA adventure is an adventure for the pets only, so hopefully it will be for all jammers!
"All pictures are from the Animal Jam Spirit so credit goes to them!"
Here is what the adventure tag looks like

Wow! There are so many pets there!
This bit reminds me of the Forgotten Desert. With all the gems and all.

There are teamwork parts as well!
The prizes are like the Forgotten Desert's but with den items.

Active Epic Den__
Today's Active Epic Den goes to Pixelverse!!
For the wonderful outside area!
My buddies decided to come in for the picture! On the left is Pixelverse and on the right is audrag!

Active News__
Please keep commenting your ideas for what I should do for 8,500 views! I'm counting on you guys!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Pet Monkey + Spot On!

Witaj jammers! (hello in Polish)
It's update day! 
There are only four pages this time though.

 Pet monkeys!!! 
They're so cute! ^-^

 There is a new game called Spot On! That's a great new thing to add to Jamaa! Let me try it out....
It's pretty fun!
 So pandas are coming! I think they will come back next update ;).
There is a new video about AJHQ helping otters and the Night Of The Phantoms is coming soon!!! ^-^

Also, we have a new video in the Sarepia Theater
That actually is kind of cute!
And the Daily Explorer has posted some jammer art on pet Sugar Gliders!

And it's the last day for the spiked wristband in the Diamond Shop!!
Aww, I loved that but I never got one :P. Hehe, well you guys better get it before it goes for good!

Active News__
Please give some more ideas on what I should do for 8000 views? I have one but I would need to tweak it because you can't really do it too well on Animal Jam.

Happy Jamming!