Beware.....of Scams

Hey jammers! On this page I post scammers and scams to be aware of. If you have a scammer that you would like me to post up here, or a type of scam, please email me at or comment below!

* For most of these if you know somebody well enough, then you can do it, if you would like to.

  1. A jammer puts store bought, or junky items on trade and says "I always decline, try me!" Never trade them. They will accept, if the item you traded is good, and will leave the room with your item. If you think about it, if they really would always decline then why stand there and waste your time knowing you will have to decline?
  2.  A jammer will say something like "______ giveaway my den!" Then when you go to their den they will say, "Best trade wins!" And they will put something like a store bought item on their trade list. Never Ever trade them! This is the scam most jammers get scammed by.
  3. "Best gift wins ______" is something a jammer might say. Don't gift them. They will probably just run away with your item!
  4. "Make me accept and you win ______" is an example of what a jammer might say. Do not trade them, they will accept your item and either ignore you, deny it, or leave the room. I have experienced someone getting scammed this way.
  5. "Today's my birthday! Please gift me!" It's most likely not their birthday. Don't send them your items, unless you know them well enough to know it is their birthday.
  6. "My ____ was scammed, please send me another one!" Whether they are telling the truth or just lying, don't send them the item they claim was scammed! Only if you know the person well enough, you can send the item if you wish.
  7. A jammer will say, "Send me a _______ and I'll tell you a free membership/diamond/free item code!" Don't do it!!! There are no rare or beta item codes. And membership or diamond codes can only be used once and somebody probably wouldn't buy a code just to get an item.
  8. A jammer might say, "I'm poor please send me items!" This person is most likely poor. Never send them very good items because they probably just want rates or betas! They will probably lock their den and dress all their animals in store bought clothing items. The only real way to see if they're poor is looking at their achievements. 
  9. "Hi! Can I try that _____ on? I will give it back, I would just like to see how it looks on me." Never send them that item! This is a pretty obvious scam, so few jammers fall for it.
  10. "Tell me your username and password and I'll trade my ____ to your account." This is an obvious scam, Don't fall for it. They're trying to hack you. I mean, why not just trade it with you, yourself on your account? Somebody tried this scam/hack attempt on me. Just report them and leave the room immediately and never and I mean Never even give them a clue to what your password is.
  11. A jammer might try to get you to accept a really bad trade and say, "My dad/mom works for AJ, if you don't accept I'll have them ban you!" Or they might say, "If you accept this trade I'll give you *beta (item can very)/ I'll accept your trade." Their parents most likely don't work for AJ. They are just trying to get you to accept. Somebody attempted to do this to me. And they won't give you an item, and won't accept any trade. Many people tried to scam me by this.
  12. A jammer might say, "Send me ____ and I'll send you ____." If you get deep enough into the conversation they might say, "Send me the ____ first. I'll send you ___ after." Don't ever send them your item! They're not going to send you the item they said, and they'll just ignore your pleads for your item back. 
  13. "Send me ____ and I'll send you a *beta!" (* item can very) Usually they'll just run away with your item, but occasionally they'll send you something like a store bought tiara with a red jewel (the beta ones have blue jewel). This is NOT a beta. Sadly many jammers get scammed because they think it is.
  14. "Trust party my den!" Never go to a trust party. Never! It's pretty much another way of saying Scam Party. All they do is do one of the scams or say "Trust me" (trade them and hope they will decline :l). They are not to be trusted!
  15. "Flash me for 5 seconds, I always trade back!" Don't flash them because they won't trade back!
  16. "Gift/trade me good items, I'm recording!" This jammer is probably not recording! They're just trying to get your items! Do not gift or trade them! 
  17. "I'm going to call AJHQ if you don't __________" This person will probably not call AJHQ. They are just trying to get you to do what they say! Don't do it!
  18. This one your probably all going to get surprised by. If someone says, "My den if you want (an item), it's worth a *beta (item can very) They might change the *My den if you want* part to something else. This is scamming because somebody might actually think the non rare or non beta item is worth their very good item. 
This is an example of a scammer trying to blame the person that was almost scammed:
Somebody comes to their den and tries to scam them. The person that was almost scammed goes to Jamaa Township and says "Report ______ for trying to scam!" Then the person that scams arrives at Jamaa Township and sees what your saying. They say "Report (your username) for scamming my *claw!" (*item can very)

There are many more scams that are being made up by the minute. These are just the most common ones.


  • Secretsociety                                                        *memimemime
  • jdog134                                                                *blackwolf2010
  • alexis4004                                                            *porta9                                       
  • mylittleponyfan8900                                            *mutant1223
  • hotspurs0009                                                        *bunnysnozyfriends
  • jasmine999                                                            *rainbowguardians
  • mpro
Q/A about Scamming:

Is there a way to notify AJHQ about a scammer?
If you find a scammer, then all you have to do to get AJHQ notified is to report them. To do this you click the little police badge on the player card of the jammer you would like to report.
What is scamming?
Scamming is when a jammer tricks you into giving them an item. They will say they will do something but usually end up never doing it. Ex: They might promise to give you beta. Scams can be obvious or hard to tell. Remember to stay safe!

Where can I find the AJ rules?
You can see the Animal Jam Rules by clicking the Report A Player police badge at the top of your screen.

If you're scammed is there any way to get back your items?
Unless the scammer gives you the items back, then no, there is not a way to get your items back. 

What is the scam most jammers fall for?
Most jammers fall for the "Best trade wins _____" scam. The scammer accepts the item and leaves the room. The best thing to do if someone says this is to report and block that person and leave the room. 

Why do you think scammer do what they do?
I think scammers scam because they either don't have anything better to do, they want better items, or they have been scammed before and are mad. Whatever it is, it's NOT acceptable. If you see somebody being scammed report and block the scammer!

What do I do if I receive a Jam a Gram with a message from a scammer that is trying to scam me?
All you have to do is click the Report Player button above the recycling bin, on the bottom right of the jam a gram.

How many types of scams are there?
Nobody really knows, since scammers are making news ones up by the minute. But my answer would have to be, too many to count.


                                   All of these are real, my buddies and I aren't faking any of these. 

Typical scam...
Best trade wins ____ scam!
Scam #1 Remember never do this!
Scam #12, If you send me worn, I'll tell/send you 2 codes!
The birthday scam...


  1. "There is no such thing as a diamond or free item code. And membership codes can only be used once and somebody probably wouldn't buy a membership code just to get an item."

    There are diamond codes that are available in the AJ Shop now, and there are 3-month gift certificates. Correct me if I'm wrong :P But, people don't just give away gift certificates to random people out of the kindness of their hearts most of the time.

    1. I went to a trust party once but she left because she had to go before i knew what she was doing.
      She declined my trade anyway.

    2. The Diamond Code, "Twelve" was real. It expired looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong time agooooooo........................................................................................................

  2. Oops, thanks, I'll be sure to fix that now!

  3. alexis4004 scammed me a while ago

  4. I got scammed my hotspurs0009....

    1. I am so sorry! Hotspurs0009 is being put up there now

  5. Actually, there are codes such as, AJbday3, which gives you a birthday cake.
    Thanks gives you imprisoned phantoms, earth day gives you an earth day banner, and so on!

  6. I wanna tell a story about the first time I got scammed. One day I was in Jamaa saying: "Trade me fairly!" I had my rare fox hat, my store bought spike, and my heart locket on trade. I got many trades, but I declined. Suddenly I saw someone that wore many betas. She was saying: "Best trade wins my outfit!" She kept on repeating it while dancing. I wanted her outfit. I looked on her trade. I saw a snowflake decoration. That was it. I've never been scammed before at the time, so I trusted her. I requested it for my rare fox hat, my store bought spike, and my heart locket. She accepted and left Jamaa Township. I didn't memorize her username so there was nothing I could do about it. I said in caps: "HELP I GOT SCAMMED SEND ME A RARE FOX HAT PLZ!" Everyone said: "Scammer! I'm reporting you!" I cried and told my mom. She called AJ and when I logged on the next day, there was a gift on my screen. I opened it and there was 1,000 gems. I cried. I thought I would get my precious fox hat back. I was wrong. Now fox hats aren't really important to me anymore. Now I'm a Non-Member. I only liked them because of how they looked on arctic wolves. I traded mine for a purple glove but it got scammed. (Yes I got one after.)

    1. Sorry to hear that DX

      thesicko or thatsicko (can't remember what his username was) said "Come to my den and you could win a headdress!" Now, I wasn't at Jamaa at the time but my buddy was, and she went. She sent me a jam a gram saying "Come here now, look!" So I went. (I didnt have a CLUE what was going on) There were HUNDREDS of jammers there. thatsicko was a scammer, and he was saying, "If you beat me at tic tack toe you will win the headdress!" One jammer tried this and won. Then thatsicko changed the rules to "beat me twice!" I was thinking that this was a scam, so I asked, "What colour is the headdress?" And the scammer said "Red" and we were all convinced there was no such thing, and I said, "Put it on trade if you have it! PROVE IT!" And he said, "I have it, if you want it beat me in Tic tack toe. TWICE." A few jammers were still falling for it, and started to play with him. Others like me and my buddy were shouting, "SCAM! IT'S A SCAM, DONT FALL FOR IT!" but they carried on. After about 2 minutes, thatsicko shouted, "HAHA, YOURE ALL BEEN SCAMMED!" And he locked his den. A few jammers were scammed and we decided to spread the word. I'd written his username down as soon as I knew he was a scammer. I typed in the search box, 'thatsicko' and and 'That Jammer couldn't be found!'

      Thanks for reading


      BTW I wasn't scammed

    2. I'm sorry! :( My friend got scammed of her Red Fox Hat... I got another one for her :D A nice bunny accepted for a ____ (XD I forgot the item)!

  7. my Viking got scammed from the first you send me one she said she would send her headdress. But one time she flashed me her pink Viking for my lion plushie I was too late to accept.

  8. Oh and her username was blackwolf2010.

    1. I"m so sorry to hear that I'll add them to the list

    2. I was Scammed by Lovegirldata

  9. Hi Singelena! yesterday i got scammed by porta9, and other days, i got scammed by mutant1223, and also bunnysnozyfriends.

  10. I was scammed by jasmine999 like, six months ago.

  11. Rainbowguardians scammed my globe :T -storage456AJ

  12. mpro scammed Ilovecutechihauhaus.

    What's flashing?


    1. Flashing is where somebody trades someone really fast. It's usually a big overtrade. They usually do it so they can't accept but, scammers say flash me for 5 seconds which somebody can usually accept if you do that.

    2. I flashed mpro. He said best flash would win a spike collar, so I flashed my headdress, beta tv, rc car, and beard. BOOM, it would gone right away. I spent most of my time on Aj crying, but a few weeks later I got my headdress back :D It's the same color. I've never flashed then on. o3o


  13. The Scammers List has been updated. All scammers said above are on there

  14. scourgeisakiller scammed me

  15. add thatsicko and 2013best, please


  16. Scammers can change. Someone on AJ that was caught scamming on youtube is now catching scammers, reporting them, and she's stopped scamming. I think she returned the items back, too :D. Aj is kinda like real life. Scamming = stealing, AJHQ mods = police.

    Here are some scammers I caught -

    savannah9611 - Did a spike and founder giveaway, only she said something similar to this: "TT ME BEST WINS FOUNDER!" She also had a storage that was saying, "Omg she gave it to me! Look!"

    solanaiskool - He did the best tt gets my outfit scam

    love18bug101 - Did the tt scam


  17. OMG that's so sad! I wish there was a way to know if somebody has been scammed or not, so that you can actually send them something. If you go into popular servers
    EX: Aldan
    And: walk around any area, they will all probably be full X( you will see that there are at least three scammers in an area at one time! It's not okay!
    Scammers are always up to news tricks. Stopping scammers can be made easy if you:
    Sometimes even just mentioning that you might want to be careful around (their username here)

    If you want to go further then whenever you're on aj scroll down the page, click the link that says contact us. There you and a parent can get involved! I try to get involved by sending aj emails. Some thing to mention when emailing. AJHQ are:
    Hi my username is -----
    My email is --------
    The item that got scammed was -----
    The scammers username was ----- (if you know)
    I was reading the rules and saw that -------
    A jammers said ---- to me, and it made me ------
    I reported ------ but they continue to scam/hack
    My friend ----- got scammed/hacked by -------
    I think that a new ---- feature should be added to aj for ----- safety
    Thanks for banning the scammer ----- from aj

    --want to PUSH the limits???--
    - call AJHQ they will listen!
    - email them asking for the items back (usually doesn't work)

    -don't harass AJHQ for items

  18. i saw a scammer who said best trade gets my rare bow and i was stupid enough to fall for it and i got scammed =- (

  19. I got scammed if my purple artist cap and my green designer skirt. ),: of a person who said "black top hat giveaway". She declined all of my trades like she should then the last one she excepted and I got an item that wasn't even the black top hat then she locked me out of her den and I never caught her username so I couldn't block or scam her ):

    1. U pplz really don't have to but it would mean EVERYTHING to me if someone could send me a designer skirt or artist beret. U REALLY REALLY don't have to so plz don't feel pressure. My user is clarasofia if anyone wants to be extremely kind.

    2. I sent on

      AKA The Gifter
      Happy Easter!

    3. Sowwie, I traded my designer skirt for a something. I think a worn....

  20. U forgot to add fman122 and X to ur scammers list?

  21. Their is a way u can get ur items back if someone scams u but I will never do it. A lot of ppl also use this method to just get rare and free stuff.
    It is to tell (email, and a few other ways u can reach) AJHQ that u got scammed and they MIGHT (I said MIGHT) Send u ur items back. if ur just saying u got scammed to get rare, beta or free items I'm sorry to say this but it works.



    2. Chill... nobody would do that...

  23. Here is how the "I decline everything" scam tricks people. So you see them and your like "Oh really?"so you trade them and you get scammed. THIS IS WHAT HAPPENED TO ME BUT I DIDN'T GET THE USER. Luckly, I found another of that item that I lost.

  24. My purple long, red worn, rare bow and arrows, and moon dirt got scammed by gold1215 (i think that was her user) by trust trading.
    I'll never find any items more important to me than those...

  25. ash168 scammed my purple short and yellow long :(

  26. u know LilacPetal?
    so like people think she is innocent but she SCAMMED ME!
    i was such a huge fan of her that she said to play trust trade.
    i said ok.
    she put a necklace
    i traded neon bow, 3 long black spikes, and a lot more.
    She lied
    she agreed and left me
    i was so sad
    and ye i am sure of myself that it was LILACPETAL


    1. It must have been a fake LilacPetal who is a Scammer-Jammer who loves to get amazing famous Jammerz banned. DO NOT look up LilacPetal and report her! I'd cry :,(

  28. I never delete my own Comments :,(

  29. I accidentally scammed someone once... At least they were okay with it. It was that days RIM, at least. And it was trust trading with my closest real life friends. About a month later, when I learned what it meant, I gave the necklace back through gift and she gifted it back. :DD

    I was scammed by someone a long time ago through #9. I was so upset :(

  30. If someone can see your month and day of your birthday (which AJ does not let you do), it's pretty obvious just to look at the player card and prove you wrong/right.

  31. i got scammed by snowfire100, DJturtlelilly11, and geradmo (they're all a group)


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