Monday, June 30, 2014

Rare Freedom Tie

Daily Update____
Hi jammers! Ready for another Rare Item Monday? I know I am!
The rare for today is a Rare Freedom Tie!
Themed (to Freedom Day)-5/5
11/20! I would say it's a pretty good item, and it's non member! Wearing all your freedom items is a great way to celebrate Freedom Day!

Biology!!! Anyone here interested in biology?
The Daily Explorer has posted a Jammer Tip about the Freedom Party.
If you haven't yet been to the Freedom Party, then go check it out! Unfortunately, it's only available at  certain times so you might have to wait.

Monday Mystery____
Today's Mystery has the Crystal Palace involved
Inside the crystal place if you follow the little passage leading underground you will find this glowing Zios on the ground in the far right. What could this be for? Why is it in a den? Does anything happen if you do something? 
I can't wait to read all your creative answers!

Active News____
Jammer of the Month sign-ups still going on. Follow this link to sign up:
Invite all your buddies to come and sign up!

Fashion Show___
Incredible Bravestar has been voted out!
Shake it up #1- Vote someone to be safe for 2 days!!!

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Freedom Fox + Jammer of the Month

Daily Update____
Hello jammers! Today's new item is a Freedom Fox Hat!

*Picture from the Animal Jam Sky Blog*
Don't worry it's not rare, it just looks like the rare one. I love this item! Now jammers can have the good-looking fox hat even if they can't get their hands on a rare one.
The Daily Explorer has posted
Also, remember to send in your Jammer Snaps! Today is the last day for the group shot.

Glitch Hour___
Guys, I am just going to say I rely on you for this stuff like glitches and all. I am unable to experience a glitch by every Sunday if I don't get on for so long. Please email me any glitches or any other thing you found was interesting. I really appreciate it! I will mention you in a post if you do this.
Today, I found that when your editing your den there is a glowing yellow box around all your items. This may just be a way so you can clearly tell your editing your den or it may be a glitch ^.^

Active News____
Fashion Show:
Admiral Snowyninja is out!
Shake It Up #1 is tomorrow!
Calling all Commenters: Vote 1 jammer out!

July Jammer of the Month:
Do you want to be The Animal Jam Active Blog's July Jammer of the Month? 
Do you want:
-To have a picture of your animal in a post (you may pick which animal)
-To have a picture of your den in a post (it will be whichever den your currently switched on)
-To have a picture of your animal on the blog for the whole month (you may pick which animal)
-A den portal from my den leading to yours
-An interview that will be featured in a post
If so then that means you want to be the July Jammer of the Month for the Animal Jam Active Blog!
All you have to do is fill out this form in the comments:
-special notices (not required, anything you want me to know that isn't in your reason. Kind of like a fun fact)
-Which animal you would like me to put up if you win
It's just that simple!!! So sign up today for The Animal Jam Active Blog's July Jammer of the Month!

Happy Jamming!!

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Lollipop Ants

Daily Update____
Hello there jammers!So sorry jammers for the late post!!! My alarm clock never went off. Sorry!
Today's new item is one of my favorites!
I think this is a great item, but it's 2,000 tickets... Oh well, I guess it's worth it!

And yesterday, remember how I couldn't get the new item? Well it turns out it was in the Freedom Party. Introducing..the all-jammer....very bright...Raccoon Hat!!!
*Picture From The Animal jam Sky Blog*
I think this item is great, and it's the exact same price as regular Raccoon Hats when they're not on sale!
There is a brand new video showing in the Sarepia Theater. 

The DE has posted!

Active Epic Den___
Today's Active Epic Den goes to diamond147!
For the idea of a discussion room.
You have been added to the Active Epic Den History.

Active News____
Countess Bravewolf has been voted out!
Also, I may add diamond147 to the Fashion Show, but after that nobody else may join. 
Calling All Commenters: Vote 1 jammer out!!

Friday, June 27, 2014

Stamp Tie

Daily Update____
Hi jammers! Sorry for the late post.
Today's new item is missing! I think it's in the Freedom Party.
The Daily Explorer has posted twice!

And have you noticed that there are tons of new stamps for Jam A Grams

And plush, the plushies in the Summer Carnival are Freedom-ified
Cool! They will return to their regular selves soon.

Fact Friday____
Are you ready for a fun fact?

In the Canyons Pathway you can go to where Magical is. All you have to do is change animals and click over there.
*Special thanks to Anna Rose Fisher*

Active News___
Fashion show news:
Incredible Bravestar and Countess Bravewolf have tied yesterday for the one who should be out, so today you will decide which of the 2 should advance!
Calling All Commenters: Vote for the one that should be out!

A poll is up about the Plushie Comic Series, be sure to vote on it!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Big Updates+Fashion Show Starts

Daily Update____
Hi jammers! Update day!
Today's new item is a Straw Hat
Hm, I guess this could look good in an outfit?
And there's a new item in the Diamond Shop
The Ocean Base Camp Music!
There is a new video in Tierney's Theater

There is a new Activities Calander

The Daily Explorer has posted
And look! A brand new comment system on posts
There is eather Comments off or a certain amount of comments

 And if you sign in to Animal Jam you can post a comment!
Great new system AJHQ

Jamaa Journal____

Pet Giraffes!! They are so cute!!!
I love this pet, although their heads are very big.

 This den is huge comparing to other dens!

The Freedom party has arrived!  
Have fun at the smallest party in Jamaa!
And bye lions!!! :( They are now endangered and you can no longer buy them.

 Hard Mode is here! I will try to get you updated on some of the prizes. Hmm and let me go check out the tunnel!

 Rhinos are coming back soon! Whoo hoo! I mean rhinos definitely aren't the most popular animal in Jamaa because they are a little too big, but I like them!

In Epic Wonders, all accessories are 50% off! And the  Accessory Contest ends on June 30th!

Active News____

Calling All Commenters: Vote 1 Jammer Out!!!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Basketballs And Fashion

Daily Update____
Hiya jammers!!! Today's new item will keep you all ready to go play basketball!
Animal Jam is doing like a sports theme. Have you noticed that, that basketball looks the same as the beta one. I bet the next item will be a basketball! It may or may not be the beta one...
When you click it, it bounces around and lands into the hoop.
Sorry for the bad picture, it goes quite fast!

The Daily Explorer has posted
 Have you noticed there is a comment at the bottom of this post?

And in other news there is a brand new code: ngk2015
It gets you 1,000 gems!

Do You Think?__
Do you think beta basketballs should come back tomorrow?

Active News__
A poll has been put up, please vote on it! 

And..... Fashion Show!!! ^.^
I am suspecting everyone's picture is here, so if yours isn't just tell me in the comments!
Calling All Commenters: Make sure your outfit is just right, I can change it to something else if you decide you want me to.