Sunday, August 31, 2014

Otter Crazy!

Hi jammers!
Yesterday was a crazy day for me and today I was so tired! The plan was to rest an extra 5 minutes but instead I slept for an extra 2 hours!! I'm so so so sorry!
Today's new item is a returning item!!! It's in Jam Mart Furniture.
Wow, I would have to say, this isn't my favorite item but, I'm glad it's back!
Tierney's Theater has released another video!
Hehe, somebody seems to be really wowed by the cuteness Animal Jam has put into the otters! ^-^
Now, let's reel the cute otter pictures:
Aww, adorable!
And to add to our otter fest, the Daily Explorer has posted an Otter Coloring Page!
And this one is written by Cosmo!

Glitch Hour__
Anna Rose Fisher sent in this awesome glitch!
Inline image 1
One person had traded her, and then another and their pictures meshed together! Thanks for sending it in!

Active News__
The winner of the contest is......
jzale314 !!!
Buddy me on Animal Jam and whenever I'm online you can just come to me to receive your prize!

Last day to sign up for Jammer of the Month, go to the sign up page by clicking here!
Happy Jamming!

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Vine Anklet

Hi jammers! 
Last day to sign up for the contest, winners announced tomorrow!!!
Today's new item is in Jam Mart Clothing.
This is a great clothing item! I love it!! Here is a picture of a fox with it on:
It kind of looks like bracelets. :)
Today's new video is in Sarepia Theater
I love the mountains...that has nothing to do with the goats but yea.. Haha! ^-^
The Daily Explorer has posted
That sounds so fun!! Especially this little tidbit here:
That would be cool to check out some new features and all!

Active Epic Den__
Today's Active Epic Den goes to audrag!
Audrag gets this for her idea of a clan sitting area! Your den is on the Active Epic Dens page! Go check it out by clicking here!

Active News__
The poll is over, and it looks like I'll be thinking about something else... Great! I'm just warning you, it may take a little time to come up with something new and original (hopefully not though!).

Funandsungir had a birthday yesterday. Let's all wish her a very happy birthday!!

Happy jamming!

Friday, August 29, 2014

High top Sneakers

Hi jammers!
Today's new item is in Jam Mart Clothing
High Top Sneakers!! I think this is pawsome because it is a great item for boys! Girls could use it too, though. 
There is a more personal video in Brady's Theater

And the Daily Explorer has posted some Jammer Snaps
Great job, jammers!

Did You Know?__
Today on 'Did you Know?' I'm going to be just telling you things you may or may not know.
The Ice Cream Set is very popular
The Summer Carnival will probably be going soon, so buy buy buy and play play play!

Active News__
The contest ends tomorrow so go sign up!

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Happy Jamming!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Bonsai Tree and Camera

Helloo jammers! 
No update today.
I had to look high for today's new item. It's in the Treetop Gardens.
The Bonsai Tree!! Oooh it's non member and it's awesome!
There is a new video in Tierney's Theater
Wow, that looks all high tech and interesting!
The Daily Explorer has posted some Otter Jammer Art
Great job, jammers!

Active News__
The Animal Jam Active Blog's:
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Do you think you want to be The Animal Jam Active Blog's Jammer of the Month?
If you:
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Then you want to be Jammer of the Month!!

To sign up all you have to do is comment:
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Also the contest ends August 30th so sign up! That's this Saturday ;)

Happy Jamming

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Peck Portrait + Lighnting!

Hi guys! The late post is due to no internet connection. I got on the computer, and it just wouldn't load, and then the "You are not connected to the internet" popped up... I got so frustrated, but I am so sorry.
Today's new item, as I suspected, is the Peck Portrait!
So far my favorites are the Cosmo and the Peck one.
And is there a brand new video in the Sarepia Theater? That's for sure!
Oh oh oh oh oh! I just love those lightning bolts that are like little skinny crooked lines!!
And the Daily Explorer has posted
Apparently, yesterday was National Dog Day! Neat!

Do You Think__
Do you think that there will be a new eagle adventure? Maybe another underwater? Or maybe something totally new! Land and underwater! For like otters and seals..
What do you think?

Active News__
No news except sign up for the contest and be sure to check out the chat!!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Sir Gilbert+Worms

Hi Jammers! 
Today's new item is in Jam Mart Furniture..
This will be the 3rd in our portrait collection. I love this idea, AJHQ!
And there is a new video in Brady's Theater!
This is actually a pretty interesting question!
And the Daily Explorer has a new post about the RIM
That hyena is starting to scare me...look at its teeth.

This or That?__
As you all know, the Jamaa Journal always has a sale something like this...
So, the sale is great, but would you rather have sales or a new update?
By new update I mean like a new game in the Sol Arcade or maybe a new item in the Diamond Shop.

Active News__
Go and sign up for the contest because it ends soon. 

The poll is almost over on the side!

Happy Jamming!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Rare Raccoon Tail

Hello guys!! 
I can't even tell you how sorry I am for the terrible posting the last week!! This week I am going to try so so hard to wake up on time and post. Once again I'm so sorry!
I will not be posting everything from the past few days, because I don't want to repeat anything that you already know.
Today's RIM is on the first page in the Summer Carnival Clothing Shop!
My Opinion-5/5 ^.^
So it's total is 16/20. That's great!!! But wow, that's a tricky location, AJHQ! You know, sometimes I like to think that AJHQ hides the Rare Raccoon tales as hind of like a Scavenger Hunt or something ^.^!
Here are all the videos that I haven't posted yet:
Yup, top is from the Sarepia Theater, middle is from Brady's Theater, and bottom is Tierney's Theater.
There is a new otter badge:
I think it's adorable!!
And the Daily Explorer has posted
I think the way they write these from the Alpha's perspective is pawsome!! It makes it more like a story, and much more interesting!

Jammer Stories__
So, jammers, today I'm going to be starting a think called Jammer Stories (the name will probably change from time to time) and this is where you will either comment or email in your stories that you wrote. This can be just a story or it can be about something going on in Jamaa. (The second option your basically a reporter) I will hopefully do these every week, but not on a specific day. It will jump around a little to make it more fun!!
So today's story is by audrag!
Once a Wolf had a baby. They named her Sky. Her father was Sparrow and her Mother was Kara . It was not a normal baby wolf it had tusks! They were creamed colored and so tiny. She soon became 1 year old. She was black with creamed color tusks. She was adorable. Sky drank some water. Her father looked and sky with nervousness in his eyes and he said, Sky your 1 now soon you will have a journey of your own. After that many years passed and sky was 10. Her mother and father looked her in the eyes and said, You are old enough to leave the cave. So then Sky left and said goodbye. She rubbed her tusks against the tree and pushed making it fall down. She went and found a cave. She soon went to sleep. Many wishes, Sky.
Special Notes:
You can visit Sky at Audrag's den. She is very friendly. But you have to wait until audrag is online.

Great job, Audrag! ^.^
Calling all Commenters: What do you think of this section?

Monday Mystery__
Right now they're calling Tavie an Alpha, but will she be a major Alpha or a minor shaman?
What do you think her personality is like?

Active News__
Contest ends soon, so be sure to sign up!!

Happy Jamming!

Thursday, August 21, 2014


Hi jammers! Last late post day! Whoo hoo! 
Let's start with the update!!!

 Otters are here! And boy are they cute!!!
 And it looks live they've got a Mini Book section in the Chamber of Knowledge and an Exhibit in the Conservation Museum. Let's go check them out!
 Did you know if you click all of these badges....
You get a 100 gem prize!!!
And here is the Exhibit in the Conservation Museum.
 All items in the Sol Arcade are on sale! And there is a hard mode for Turning the Tide!
Oooh, an alpha spotlight about Tavie!!!
And an ad!

There is a new item in the Jam Mart Furniture store called Liza Portrait.
I think they're going to make one for all the alphas! This is a great new wall item.
There is a new video in the Sarepia Theater
Wow, that looks awesome!!
There is a new Daily Explorer post
Swoopy Eagles is on sale in the Diamond Shop, it is now 1 diamond instead of 2.
That's pawsome! If you wanted to buy a Swoopy Eagle but didn't have enough gems, then buy it now!!!
And in other news there is a new trade box!
I love it!!

Active News__
Remember to sign up for the contest! To find out even more about it, go to the Contests page, by clicking here.
Also, your supposed to make your own type of den. You need to make a kind of den like for example "Playground Den". *You may not use that now* Hope this helps!