Animal Jam Active Chat

Hi Jammers!
Welcome to the Animal Jam Active Chat! 
I will be trying this out for now to see how it works. I hope you enjoy! You can comment on this page what you think of the new chat.


  1. I didn't get enough time to sign up for jammer on the month so here I go. :)
    My user is Funandsungir. I love playing animal jam. Also it would be an AWESOME birthday present if you could pick me :). My birthday is today. So thanks. And BYE!

    1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I hope it's great and thanks for signing up! You can post anonymously if you would like on the chat :D

  2. Replies
    1. Hello! Feel free to actually type in the chat box, you can stay anonymous! ;)

  3. Can I sing a song XD?

  4. lol ill sing let it go on there if youd like.


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