Monday, July 28, 2014

Rare Eye Patch + Bad News

Hi jammers! 
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Today's Rare Item Monday is on the 2nd page in Jam Mart Clothing. The Rare Eye Patch!
Themed (only on certain occasions)
My Opinion-1/5 :P
So the overall outcome of this was 5/20.... I don't think it's the best item, but I know you could make some pawsome outfits with it!! And it's for all jammers! Also, I've decided to only do themed on special occasions. And I've replaced Rarity to Popularity, comment below if you want me to change that back.
There is a new video in the Sarepia Theater....
Oh, those flowers are so pretty! O.o
And The Daily Explorer has posted!
I think the Beta Party is pretty cool!

Monday Mystery__
Today's Monday Mystery is about lions.
Lions left as Diamond Shop animals..but will they return as Diamond Shop animals? A Diamond Shop animal has never gotten endangered so far until the lions. When they come back, will we still have to buy them for 10 Diamonds or will they be 1000 gems? Speaking of which, what do you think the lions will bring back? Comment below all your answers. I want to see your opinions!

Active News__
So, jammers...ilovecutechihuahuas doesn't seem to know that their Jammer of the Month(s). If anyone is buddies with her, please inform them this. Thank you!
She did not answer the interview, I'm sorry!! Oh, well...

I have the most terrible news.. :'(
I won't be able to posJuly 30th-August 13th. I am going away. They won't allow be to bring computers, there. I tried to find a substitute author for those 2 weeks, but nobody could do it... I'm so so so sorry! I will get back to posting right when I get back. :(

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Star Koalas

Hello jammers! 
Today's brand new item is in Jam Mart Clothing, and I have to warn you, it's cute!
I love this item!! I have no clue why!!! Woo!
And Brady has a video explaining about koalas' behavior...
Oh, I'd hope not! 
The Daily Explorer has posted a Jammer Tip
Ok, the reason I like the hair salon is because 1. You can use the items as something else as well 2. I love those chairs in the bottom :P 

Glitch Hour__
Jammers, I need you guys to email me glitches, and any one of the other weekly segments. I do not have a glitch today, because one person can't find glitches everyday. I need your help. Please either email me or somehow give me the picture.
Instead of glitch hour, I will do something else.....
Have you noticed that nobody really goes underwater much, and nobody trades underwater or anything? Land is much more popular. So don't you think Animal Jam is going to try to make it more popular? I do, and here are the things I've noticed:
Well, Animal Jam has just released underwater adventures. Also, a while back, Animal Jam made the Ship Wreck den (underwater) for all jammers. Now, we have a den shop underwater. Animal Jam will be releasing otters, which will probably be able to go on land and in the ocean. Jammers will want to try it out in the water. 

Active News__
Ok, ilovecutechihuahuas (Leaping Berrypaw), get's her Jammer of the Month Time. Your picture is on the left column!
Unfortunately, Leaping's den is locked right now...
So Leaping, here is your interview, fill this out in the comments and I'll post it tomorrow! By the way, these are all on Animal Jam.
1. What is your favorite Animal?
2. What is your favorite game?
3. What is your favorite world?
4. How long have you played Animal Jam?
5. Tell us more about you :)

I hope you enjoyed, jammers!

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Final Winner + Beta TV

Hi jammers! Ugh, why alarm clock whyyyy!!!!
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Anyways, today's new item is in the clothing orb. The Epic Antlers!
These actually are pretty epic. It would go great with a deer outfit!
And there is also a new item in the Beta Party!! :gasp:
I finally caught the beta party in time for a post!!
There is a new video in Tierney's Theater...
I love starfish! They feel so cool when you hold them. I wouldn't be able to be a starfish though, I'm not that patient...I don't think anyone is lol ^-^
The Daily Explorer has posted a video from Tierney about Jellies.
If you want to read the entire post, visit the Daily Explorer here.

Active News__
Ok! I'm going to announce the overall winner!!!
Leaping Berrypaw!!!
Leaping Berrypaw, what is your username? Because.....
You are Jammer of the Month!!
Yes, you are Jammer of the month for the rest of this month through August!!!
Tomorrow we will do all your Jammer of The Month things. 
Happy Jamming!

Friday, July 25, 2014

Snake Tables + Fashion Show Finals

Hi jammers! How has your summer been?
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The new item in the Summer Carnival is the Snake Balloon!
I love this idea, and hopefully AJ will make more animals as well!
There was a new item yesterday, it the Beta Party!
*Picture from the Animal Jam Sky*
Can you guys believe that I still haven't gone to the beta party!!!! :(
There is a new video in the Sarepia Forest
Save the koala (habitat)!
The Daily Explorer has posted some bird Jammer Art.
Great artwork!
And guys, there is a new way to get 1 diamond!!
Want to know what it is? Ok, come back next Friday,then.. Haha, well there is a new code!!
It's our very first diamond code!! 

Fact Friday__
Well, today's Fact Friday isn't necessarily fact. 
Most of you guys know the rumor that if you have enough seals, you can break the ice in Mt. Shiveer. Well, have we been missing something? Take a look at the  3rd Birthday Cake....
If you click that little Hot Cocoa Hut once, one penguin will slide down the ice and fall in the hole. Well if you click it repeatedly, then tons of them will come sliding down the ice. Does that mean anything?

Active News__
Please sign up for the contest, guys! The only way I can do more Coming Soons is if you participate in them. And let me clear up one thing, the bonus where you have to send a picture of your den, this means either in the Art Studio in Jamaa, or in real life and send me a picture of it. If you do it in real life, you can paint it, or draw it, or do whatever else.

Swimming Coolpenguin is out.
Here are our final two!!!
Congrats to both of you, and let me remind you guys that our winner gets a super secret surprise as well as an item!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Cactus Grill

Hi jammers! Alarm clock fail again, I'm working on getting a new one!
Be sure to enter the contest!
I accidentally skipped over an item yesterday.
This is a pawsome item for summer! And if you click it, it will open up and you can see some food!
I think this item is great!
And another item, the new one for today, is in the Treetop Gardens. The Cactus Fence!!!
This item is good, though it only works with certain themes and dens.
There is a new video in Brady's Theater

The Daily Explorer has posted 
Congrats Pouncing Fieryspirit!

Active News__
Ok for the Fashion Show!
Now, hershey87, I'm guessing you want me to use your penguin.. because your bunny doesn't have anything on...
Here are our contestants!
Nobody else wanted to change their outfit.
Vote one of them to be out!!
Surprise will happen to the person who wins!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

New Animal + Beta Party

Hi jammers!
I can't believe it's update day, I can't wait!!! Let's start with the new items.
They are both located in Jam Mart Clothing.
Yay! I'm really excited about this because they're both non member! And look! AJHQ forgot to put the new sign on the Candy Necklace! Oh, and did you know that the Ribbon Scarf waves behind you to make it look like your in a very windy area. ^.^ Look below for an example.
And there is a new video in Tierney's Theater

And the Daily Explorer has posted
Remember! You can now buy the Animal Jam Official Insiders Guide.
Also, did you know there are all new loading screens? I just took a picture of two.
I like the new ones! They represent jammers having fun! I wonder if the Summer Carnival one will go away after the Summer Carnival...
And great news!!! You can now go up on the Appondale Tree without an eagle.
Woot woot!
A clear den button!
Great idea AJHQ!

So let's start with the update!

 Pet Rhinos! Yay!
You can now buy them in the Diamond Shop!
They're so cute!
 OH MY GOSH a beta party!!!!!!!!!!!!! I need to go!! I'm pretty sure it's located in a beta den!
If I have time to go, I'll post pictures tomorrow!

 A NEW ANIMAL!!! Oh, and the Ribbon Scarf was the winning item for the Accessory Contest.
It says that there are a number of clues hidden throughout the Jamaa Journal and I figured it out. Well if you look at the letters at the top screen....
 Otters!!! Yay!! I bet they'll be land and ocean!
And an advertisement
Oooh now we get to pick the new set Animal Jam is going to put in stores!!
I thought they all were great, but I picked the Hair Salon. The Ice Cream Parlor was a close second in my mind, though.
In Too Deep now has a hard mode. And there are new videos every single day!

Do you Think?__
Do you think otters will be a popular new animal? Which item set do you think will win? Will the beta party sell actual betas?

Active News__
Infinity Spiritclaws was voted out so here are our top 3!
Shake it Up #3: This one is for the jammers still in! If you would like to change your outfit to just a good looking and cool outfit, just comment below who you are, what your username is and I will take a picture of your new outfit!
No need to vote today!

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