Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Sir Fishie

Daily Update____
Hi jammers! Today Sir Gilbert has been added to the Sunken Tiki Statue Collection.
So now we have 3 of these! 

And the Daily Explorer has posted


Dr. Tierney Thys tells us all about the colorful lionfish in this week’s Creature Feature!
When lionfish are young, they have tentacles above their eyes and under their mouths called wigglers. The lionfish uses these wigglers to attract their prey: it wiggles them to get its prey’s attention, and when its prey swims too close, the lionfish will catch it with a super fast strike!
As they grow and become better hunters, the wigglers slowly disappear.
Lionfish also have an amazing survival skill: they are able to slow down their metabolism when prey is less plentiful. They can slow it so much that they can live without food for more than three months!

Idea Center____
 You can put a certain amount of golden eggs in an area in a special design. It is best to use 3, 4, or 5. Golden eggs can be gotten from trade system or the egg hunt which is still going on.

If you have any ideas for Idea Center please feel free to send them to

The Party Info will be released soon, either this week or the next, but I'm going to forewarn you and say that next Tuesday I might be able to post really early but I don't know, next Wednesday I can't post, and next week's Thursday I might be able to post really late I just don't know.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Tiki Orcas

Daily Update_____
Hi jammers! 
It seems that yesterday I forgot about the Sunken Liza Tiki Statue in Sunken Treasures

And today Sunken Treasures has added the Sunken Cosmo Tiki Statue

I love the style of both of them, but their teeth are kind of creepy.... O.O

There is a brand new video in the Sarepia Theater

And the Daily Explorer has posted about the RIM.

RIM – Rare Glove

On this Rare Item Monday we present to you this Rare Glove. As as a special for this item, you may choose the cold!
Gloves were first used commonly in ancient Egypt. They were worn by the Pharaohs to show their high position.
In the Middle Ages, it was a custom to eat with special gloves that only covered the fingers. Full gloves were also used by shepherds and peasants for protection when working. There were also leather gloves without fingers used for hunting with a bow and arrow. There were also gloves made of metal rings used for fighting called gauntlets.

This or That?_____
Should all jammers be able to change the color of items or buy all items (just buying, this does not mean getting the privalege to use them)?

Monday, April 28, 2014

Rare Glove

Daily Update____
Hi jammers! Today's RIM is the Glove.
Many of you are furious with this, because they have come back. Just keep remembering that Animal Jam isn't about the rares. 
Looks- 4/5
Price- 1/5
Satisfaction- 1/5
So I got 6/15 so it's not the best rare. 

The Daily Explorer has posted about the Phantom Armor

JAMMER TIP – Phantom Armor


Have you rescued Greely from the phantoms but still want more adventure? We’ve added a hard mode to THE SEARCH FOR GREELY! We’ve added the exclusive and elusive Phantom Armor pieces as the reward for completing this adventure in hard mode.
The Phantom Armor cannot be bought in any Jamaa store and there is a total of five separate pieces; armor, tail armor, helmet, gauntlets, and amulet.
Can you win them all? 

I love the Phantom Armor! I just wish I had it. 

Monday Mystery_______

On the Graham loading page, he is holding this key on is tail. What is this for? Why does he have it? Let me know what you think in the comments! ^.^

Calling all Commenters:  Are you mad about today's RIM?

I will be posting the party info later this week.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

On your mark. Get set. Go!

Daily Update_______
Hi jammers! Today's new item is the Dirt Bike.
It looks a lot like the regular bike to me. 

There is a new video in Tierney's Theater
That whale looks so cute! ^.^

The DA has posted

AJ ACADEMY – Sea Turtles

There are currently seven species of sea turtles swimming in our tropical oceans. They’ve been around since the time of the dinosaurs, only 110 million years. The turtle’s shell is called a carapace and has become streamlined for swimming. Swimming fast and their shell are their primary lines of defense because they can’t pull their legs and head into their shell.
Green sea turtles can stay under water for as long as five hours on a single breath! They can slow their heartbeats to save oxygen. They’re so slow in fact that it may be as long as nine minutes between heartbeats.
Find out more about green sea turtles and download this page to color from Animal Jam Academy!

Glitch Hour____

 Looks like the Alphas wanted a break! Haha!!!

 They reappeared here (bottom of Animal Jam sign in screen). 
Are you trying to hide from us!!

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Glass Cobra

Daily Update_____
Hello jammers! Today's new item is the Modern Glass Shelves.
Hmm, to me it looks futuristic. The Offset is still my favorite though.

The Daily Explorer has posted about the King Cobra

AJHQ+A – King Cobra

Lucky Berrypaw asks Brady Barr ‘why is the king cobra called a king cobra?’ in this week’s AJHQ+A.
The king cobra lives mainly in the forests of India, spreading slightly into forest areas of Southern China and Southeast Asia bordering India. The king cobra gets its name because it EATS other snakes, including the venomous varieties!
Did you know that the king cobra is the only snake that will build a nest for its eggs? It will arrange a bed of and cover about 40 eggs with leaves, during the egg laying season.

Active Epic Den_____
Today's Epic Active Den goes to.....
SmartyPawz !!!! She gets it for the idea of a jungle phantom prison. 
I picked her off of my buddies list, but if you want your den to be  the Epic Active Den just comment below your username and unlock your den! ^.^

I have lots of new little gadgets around so enjoy!

Friday, April 25, 2014

Winged Giraffes

Daily Update_____
Hey jammers! Today's new item flew into Jam Mart Clothing. It's the Winged Shoes!
Oh, this item is going with the small Greek mythology theme AJ is doing. It's a very creative item.... but I'm not sure about it having great looks.

There is a new video in Brady's Theater.

The Daily Explorer has posted about News Crew

NEWS CREW – Giraffes

Nice reporting Jumping Shiverstar! Your giraffe article is featured in this week’s NEWS CREW!
“So I hear that some long necked animals are returning to Jamaa? Yes my friends, giraffes are coming back to Jamaa!!! Why should they come back? Must I really answer that? Giraffes are extremely cool creatures! While we wait for them to arrive, here are some cool facts!
1. Giraffes have long eyelashes! Think about if you were in a hot african desert all day. You’d need some nice long lashes to keep the dust out of your eyes!
2. Giraffes have giant hooves. An adult’s hooves can grow to the size of dinner plates! KEEP YOUR DISTANCE PREDATORS!
3. How long did it take for you to learn to stand, walk and run? A few years, I bet. Amazingly, giraffe babies can learn to stand in thirty minutes and even learn to run after only ten hours! Talk about quick learners!
4. Many people get tired after standing still for half an hour. Giraffes sleep standing up and they do alot more work than us!
5. Giraffes sleep the least of any mammal! They spend between 10 minutes and two hours sleeping total per night! I can’t last very long without 10 hours of sleep and even still I’m tired!
6. Every looked at your fingerprints? They’re all unique just like snowflakes and zebra’s stripes. So are giraffes spots! No two giraffes have the exact same pattern! See you in Jamaa – hopefully soon with giraffes!”
Go to JAMMER CENTRAL in JAMAA TOWNSHIP and click SUBMIT. The next theme is for a Jammer Snap of a PICNIC PARTY! Send in by May 4, and you could be a selected!

Congrats Jumping ShiverStar!

Did you know?_______
Did you know that every wavy bookshelf (rare or not) has beta books in it? (Look in the middle row) Haha, so technically, if you have a wavy bookshelf you have beta books?

Calling all Commenters: Do you like the new Greek mythology theme AJ is putting in their items?

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Trident + Giraffes

Daily Update_____
Greetings jammers! The new item is the Trident in Sunken Treasures
Wow, this is certainly one of the cooler underwater items, and it's for every jammer! I like it!

The Daily Explorer has posted Jammer Art:

JAMMER ART – Giraffes

Congratulations to Snowflake Snowyspirit, Precious Snowyspirit, Blooming Spiritflower, Expert Happymoon, and Victory Rowdyfriend for being selected for this week’s Jammer Art featuring giraffes!
You can submit your artwork at Jammer Central in Jamaa Township. If you are selected your art will be featured in the Daily Explorer and our social media outlets.
Did you know that a giraffe can have up to five horns? Where do they keep them all?

I will be putting up a new poll shortly after this.
Calling all Commenters-  What is your favorite Animal Jam animal?

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Glass Shelves

Daily Update_____
Hey jammers! Today the Glass Shelves have made their way to Jam Mart Furniture!
Hmm I don't know which one I like better..... What do you think?
I think I prefer the Offset Glass Shelves (on the right).

There is a new video in the Sarepia Theater
Oooh, that sounds interesting.

The Daily Explorer has posted about Leaf Cutter Ants

CREATURE FEATURE – Leafcutter Ants

Dr. Brady Barr finds a trail of leafcutter ants in this week’s Creature Feature.
Because they carry cut leaves above their heads like little umbrellas, leafcutter ants are also known as parasol ants. And did you know that a leafcutter ant can carry almost ten times its own weight? That would be like the average eight-year-old carrying a cow!
Leafcutter ants carry the leaf pieces they cut back to their underground nests. The leaves are chewed into a pulp, and afterwards a special fungus grows on them. The leafcutter ants use this fungus, not the leaves, as a crop for their colony to eat!
You can also think of these ants as little farmers with five different jobs: foragers, gardeners, choppers, tiny ants that distribute leaf bits to the fungus, and even smaller ants called minimae that tend to the fungus.

Idea Center______
When I'm doing the Idea Center, I'll give you a clothing or den idea!
As you see, the Ice Thrones are see through so you can put Imprisoned Phantoms behind it and it will look really cool! This can also work with any other items behind the Ice Thrones.

I'm still working on the party info, but hopefully it will be done by the end of the week!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Happy Earth Day

Daily Update_______
Hello jammers! Happy Earth Day! Sorry for the late post, something came up. Sorry again, hopefully this won't happen anymore. 

Today's new item is the Offset Glass Shelf.
*From the Animal Jam Sky Blog
I think this is a great item, because you can put lots of different things on it. It also looks very nice and neat. I would give it 5 stars ^-^

And the Daily Explorer has posted about the RIM (Rare Item Monday)

RIM – Rare Pirate Beard

There were female pirates, although not very common. The most notable were Anne Bonnie and Mary Read who sailed with ‘Calico Jack Rackham’ in 1719.
They were known to belt on a sword and a pistol and take to the seas dressed as men. Maybe they had this week’s RARE ITEM MONDAY, Rare Blue Pirate Beard. They were also regarded as better fighters than their male shipmates. When Jack’s ship ‘The Kingston’ was captured by the law, Bonnie and Read claimed they were with child to avoid being hanged with the rest of the crew.
I don't think this RIM Daily Explorer post has the coolest picture in the world :l

And the results from the poll!

What should I Do To Celebrate When I Get 1000 Views?

So it looks l will be hosting a party!!! Maybe I'll start a Plushie Comic Series later but I'll be working on the info for the party.
Be sure to sign up for the contest and Happy Earth Day!
In celebration of Earth Day......
This or That?_________
Should we be able to send diamonds or gems?

Yes, we are starting the Schedule now!!!!

Monday, April 21, 2014

Rare Pirate Beard

Hello jammers!! The Rare Item Monday is located on the eighth page in Jam Mart Clothing. It's a Rare Pirate Beard! 
 So arrre ye going to buy one?
Looks: 3/5
Price: 4/5
Themed (to Earth Day or Easter): 1/5
So the score is 8/15 which is quite good, quite good.

There is a new video in Tierney's Theater

And the Daily Explorer has posted about Earth Day!

GAME TIP – Earth Day

Earth Day is an annual event, celebrated on April 22. Events are held worldwide to show support for environmental protection. It was first celebrated in 1970 and is now coordinated globally by the Earth Day Network in more than 192 countries each year.
Earth Day helps increase the base of support for environmental programs and builds community around the world with a broad range of events and activities.  Earth Day is the largest civic event in the world, celebrated simultaneously by more than a billion people every year.
Click on the banners in Jamaa for Earth Day facts!!
And here's another interesting Earth Day flag I found.

As you may or may not have noticed, I widened the blog a little bit, and I made a new header (my first time making one). And I have put up the schedule but we won't start now.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter!

Hey jammers! Happy Easter!!! ^-^
Sorry I couldn't find time to post yesterday but this post will be quite long!
Yesterday's new item was the Woven Shoes:
Some cute little shoes for all jammers! 
The new item for today is the Cherry Blossom Tree!
I think this tree is very pretty and goes well with Easter!
There is also a new video in Brady's Theater
I am SO happy bunnies aren't rodents. 
The Daily Explorer posted about Whales yesterday

Snowflake Daringwolf asks Tierney ‘how much can whales weigh?’ in this week’s AJHQ+A.
Have you ever wondered how whales sleep? Since whales breathe air like we do, they need to come to the surface even when they’re sleeping. Whales ‘sleep’ with only half of their brain at a time. One half stays awake to keep the whale breathing and aware of any danger, while the other half rests.
Some whales can live to be 200 years old or more! There may be whales alive that are even older. Unfortunately it’s very difficult to tell how old a whale is while it is still alive. And usually when they die they sink to the ocean floor where it is very difficult for us to study. But there may be whales in the ocean that were alive before electricity was invented. Whoa!
And today the Daily Explorer has posted about the Giraffe Adoption.

AJHQ NEWS – Giraffe Adoption

In honor of giraffes returning to Jamaa, AJHQ adopted a giraffe at the Hogel Zoo in Salt Lake City, UT. Her name is Kipenzi!
Thanks to Animal Jam members! These conservation efforts are funded by your memberships. Thank you for helping to make this possible!!
You can also download this free pawsome image for your desktop by clicking below.

(Then this is the rest of it)

Now for a few updates AJ made that I haven't posted about yet:
So now non members can't receive gifts, but look, they also can't send gifts to anyone. I don't think that's really fair, although there's not a chance most non members will be scammed by JAG (Jam A Gram) anymore.

 These are the new signs that pop up when you lock or unlock your den while your in it.

 This is what happens if the person that owns the den your at locks their den and your not their buddy.

Did you know that you can recycle gloves for that much?!

 This is the new setting in the parent Dashboard.

I picked Portugues and then I logged in and this popped up as one of the servers.

I figured out that if you go to your buddies den when they're in the American server, you will have an American Flag on your typing bar. Neat, eh?

 And the sad truth has come, I assume only members can use the Repost Chat button. (sniffle, sniffle)

 And I figured out that phantom armor
is all non member! Now I've got to go
trade for some!!

 And there are now Earth Day Flags!

Here's one of them:

Oh and for the information about Earth Day, I will put the Schedule up, but I won't actually start it. I want to have the Journey Guide updated. But right after that I will start immediately. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Remember there is a contest going on and there will be prizes, I just didn't put what they are on the Contests page because I haven't decided what they should be.

Happy Easter!!!!!