Journey Guide

Hello Jammers! On this page I'll be posting where things are located in the Journey Guide. If I haven't done a land that you want posted yet, just comment it and I'll get to it right away. So jammers sit back and let's take a journey! ^.^

Kimbara Outback
First, I'm going to show you the Kimbera Outback Journey Guide.
Here is what the completed Journey Book page should be like.
Ok, first let's start with the Cassowary (bird at top left corner).
This bird is located near the windmill and the start of the walkway.
Next, the Galah (bird next to Cassowary).
It's on the roof of the Medical Center, near the windmill.
Next, the Sugar Glider (next to the Galah; looks like a monkey)

The Sugar Glider is sooo cute! It's on the windmill.
The platypus, (very top right corner)
Swimming in the river, near the waterfall
Now, for the Frilled Lizard (under the platypus)
It's under the bridge walkway. It's the hardest one to "catch" a picture of. It literally stops for just a second and then runs off!
Looks like the next one is the Tiger Snake!
I sssurely ssssnapped this sssnapssshot well, eh? It's located on the rock near the Medical Center.
Now, for the Echidna (looks like a porcupine).

It's on that little rock down there.
Next up, Blue Penguins!
On this rock near the waterfall! It's another cut animal that lives up to it's name!
The Trapdoor Spider!
Sorry about me being in the picture! This animal is located next to the Medical Center, in the web. I would certainly be terrified if that showed up in my bed! 
The Kookaburra!
Ha ha, I'm in the picture again! Sorry! Kookaburra.... very interesting name, jammers, don't you think? Well this one is located on the medical center!
Lastly, but certainly not least the Lyrebird 
It's in the bush or tree over in the bottom left corner. This bird certainly caused me trouble!
Ok, once you find all of these you get.....
A windmill! It's a replica of the windmill in Kimbara Outback!
I think it's a very nice item! 
Well, that concludes my Kimbara Outback Journey Guide! Hope it helps!

Crystal Sands
The next land I will show you is Crystal Sands
The completed Journey Guide should look like this

First we're going to start with the Cacao Tree
It's right next to the Juice Hut
Nest up is the Sugar Cane, it looks like flowers, sort of
It's all up the far left sides and pretty close to the Cacao Tree and Juice Hut
Now we have the Crab
It scuttles across the beach here
After that we have the centipede
It climbs up on the roof of the Pet Wash
Coming up next is the Macaw
It flies right by the Pet Wash, and lands on the roof of Tierney's Aquarium
After this we have the Basilisk Lizard
It runs right by the Pet Wash as well
After this we have the Flamingo which is probably the easiest
It's right near that rock and the ladder
Now we have the Tapir
It sits right near that slide
The Tide Pool is after that
It's on the far bottom right
Next up is the Green Iguana
It sits on top of the Juice Hut
And finally the Sand dollars
They're right in between these two slides
And when you finish all of this you should get
A lemonade stand! It's like a mini Juice Hut!
It looks like that ends our journey to Crystal Sands. Hope this helps!


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  2. Thanks again for the tip! Please vote on the poll which of those pages you think would be best!

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    1. Thank you for the support! I'm glad you like it! Be sure to check back everyday for daily posts! Thanks for commenting!

  4. hey sing can i help with the others i have every single one i just traded everything i got for stuff i wanted so yeah i know where everything is.

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  5. I like this article, because you present such a beautiful Pictures of Cassowary bird and information.


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