Saturday, May 31, 2014

Jammer of the Month + Hats

Daily Update____
So so sorry for the extremely late post. I think something in this post will make it up to you.
Anyways, today's new item in Jamaa is.... hmm I've got this one!! Oh oh, it's a pile of junk! 
Looks like I was wrong, it's a woven hat. Um...comment below what you thought it was at first.

And Brady's Theater has released a new video

The Daily Explorer has had a post about kelp.

And here are pictures of the mini den portals for all jammers

Active Epic Den____
Today's Active Epic Den goes to funandsungir for the idea of a plushie sitting area! 

Active News___
I don't know if the poll is working comment below if it is or isn't please.

Also, Contest Winners, please contact me in any way a time when you can get on to receive your prize!!!

It's time for.....
Jammer of the Month Sign-ups!
I'm sorry I always do these so late, I'll try to remember next month to do it before the end of the month.

If you want to:
-Have your picture on the blog for the whole month
-Have your den, animals, and picture featured in a post
-Have an interview that will be put on a post 
-Have my den portal leading to your den 
Then sign up today, for June's Jammer of the Month!!!

Just fill out this form in your comment below:
Any Special Notices (not required, this is just if you've done something that you want me to know about):

Can't wait to see your entries1!!!

Friday, May 30, 2014

Camouflage+ Cotton Candy

Daily Update____
Hey jammers. Today's new item is a Camouflage Jacket.
This is probably a very good looking item in different colors!

The DE has posted:

Have you noticed buddy requests look different now?

I like this one better, so you can see the person.

And there are a LOT of new Jam a grams!

P6Yjxzclick for full size
I really like the new ones, they all look so cute and beautiful! But I've got to say I will miss the old cartoonish ones.

Did you know?_____

Did you know that you can make phantom cotton candy? Well here's how!

1st step: Pick your cone
I like to use the lightning cone for my phantom cotton candy.

2nd step: Put on black cotton candy.

3rd step: Put on white cotton candy

3rd step: Put on another layer of black

Enjoy your cotton candy!

I did put up a new poll, so be sure to vote on that

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Hyenas, Summer Carnival, and Portals

Daily Update____
Hey jammers! I can barely stop squirming! Are you ready for an update-filled post?

Today's new item is the Vine Rug.

And some Den Portals have come to Jam Mart Furniture

There is a new video in the Sarepia Theater. 

And the DE has posted

And today I found a jammer that was bullying nm. People were saying you could get hyenas for gems, so I asked one of them how you can do it. So this jammer that was bullying came up and started saying really rude and mean stuff, and making fun of me because I couldn't get diamond shop animals. I'm just going to tell you if someone does this to you, tell them to stop. If they don't report and block them or leave the room
Here is her use:

Jamaa Journal____

Time for the best part!!!
Hyenas are here! But.....they're in the diamond shop.....:( I'm not entirely happy with this. All jammers were excited and only members can use them?
 I got a couple of pictures of hyenas

 And now you can buy Jump for $.99!

 Yay the Summer Carnival!!!!
All the items are the same, I'm pretty sure....

Oooh the Cruise Ship Party!! And all Bahari Bargains is on half off sale!!!

So there is a den portal in the Diamond Shop for all jammers! I guess this is good! And underwater Den Portals?

How small are the small ones??? 1 gem?? If you get one and put it in your den please comment your username and you might be featured in a post.

These look pretty neat!

If I know anything (and I do :D) that's spirit armor coming. Not many people are going to be happy with this.....

Active News____

Still working on the polls, but I'm really excited for what we're going to do!!!

Calling All Commenters: How do you like the update?

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Slow Buttercup!

Daily Update____
Hello Jammers! Today's new non member item is a buttercup rug!
Personally, I don't like the colors, but all in all it's a cute item for non members!

The Daily Explorer has posted
That's really interesting!

Idea Center____
*I am thinking of changing this segment, because I am running out of ideas. Comment below what I should change it to.*

You can use a surfboard (store bought), an umbrella (can be bought at party), a towel (can be bought at party), and more in a water park den to creat a beach-like feeling.

Active News____

Hyena and Summer Carnival updates TOMORROW!!!! Yay!

I will try to add the polls soon.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Daisy Squid

Daily Update____
Greetings jammers! Today's new item is the Daisy Rug.
I like this item! I think it's a bit cuter than the Lily Rug

Tierney's Theater has released a new production!

RIM – Multi-colored Rare Moustache

Today’s Rare Item is this magnificent multi-colored Rare Moustache! It wouldn’t be Rare Item Monday with out it!

The Emperor tamarin is one of the smallest monkey species. The largest only measured twelve inches and weighed two pounds. Most Emperor tamarins are only about six inches tall and weigh about a half of a pound.

Perhaps it is because of their elegant and and regal white moustache! This moustache was thought to resemble that of German Emperor Wilhelm II.
Image source: CrazyCh3m/Flickr via a Creative Commons license
Animal Jam HQ

Wow, cool 'do cheetah! And monkey? I like it.....

This or That?_____

Should the Summer Carnival have more clothing items this year or den items?

On Tuesday's I'm thinking of adding in a segment called True or False? so I can pick between the two. This would be where I say something about Animal Jam or an animal and you say in the comments either true or false. The people that got it right would be announced the next day on a post. 
Comment below whether you like this idea or not.

Active News_____

There has been trouble with the polls, showing 0 votes when there have been more than that, so I took them down. I will try to put them back up soon. But the one about what I should do for 2,500 views is important, so I might end up putting on a different sort of poll.

I have also found a scammer, just today while I was trying to do my post. She once did the, "Trade Me your coolest items for headdress, I decline" And then she said, "Trust party my den you could win  a HEADDRESS!"
Here is her username:
I will add her to the Scammers list.

Monday, May 26, 2014

Rare Moustache

Daily Update____
Hey jammers! Today's RIM is on the 3rd page of Jam Mart Clothing.
Hmm, it's the weird glitch again. Well, maybe it's not a glitch. Maybe AJHQ thinks it makes sense, since it is rare and it is it's last day. Well this Rare is certainly awesome! Oh, wow. I just looked at the price.
Themed (to summer)- 3/5
Well, even though the ratings weren't good, I still think that if you have the gems, buy this item!

And the DE has posted:

3 more days 'till the Summer Carnival.....
and hyenas!!!

Monday Mystery____
In Mount Shiveer, there is a big cave with Harper on it, and there is ice blocking the tunnel. How did this cave get here? What does the tunnel lead to? And why is it here?
Can't wait to see all your creative ideas!

Be sure to vote on the polls!