Monday, December 22, 2014

North Pole + Weird Wolves

Hey jammers!
Today's new item is definitely one of my favorites!
The name's a bit weird though... North Pole? I think it should be North Pole Sign, or something along the lines of that.
Lots of new items around Jamaa including...
Jam Mart Clothing:
Oooh, pricey...
Jam Mart Furniture:
(first four items) Love them!
Epic Wonders (furniture orb):
I think this looks awesome!
Epic Wonders (clothing orb):
Kind of expensive, but none the less I think they're good items!

Guess what!? I've finally been able to go to the Jamaaliday Jam party!!! It's pretty much the same as last year, though, so that was a small disappointment, but I still love it!
Also, another cool glitch!
So, wolves can walk on water? Never knew that... Why don't people tell me these things?! ;D
Happy Jamming!

Saturday, December 20, 2014

NM Bow + New name!

Hey jammers!
Today I'm starting a new thing where if you see anything underlined, comment the answer or what it asks down below! ^-^
Great new daily item today!!
The non member Bow and Arrows! I got light pink, what did you get?
Also, I know this happened a looong time ago, but did anyone notice the new login screen?
I personally think it's a lot better than the old one! It looks cooler and more fun and animated!
There are also some new items....
Sunken Treasures: Coral Snowman
Jam Mart Furniture: Winter Fire Pit
Oh, I love this! 
Also, I've noticed there are 2 different Jammaliday-like windows.
The one on the left is the Winter Window, the one on the right is the Jamaaliday Window, but both were given around Jamaaliday time (the winter window was from previous Jamaalidays). You can buy the Winter Window in the Jamaaliday Gift Shop (in diamond shop), and you can buy the Jamaaliday Window in Jam Mart Furniture. Which one do you like better?
Also, to end the post, a glitch!!!!
Oh, I love my new name! 
So it's #10396 signing out! Happy Jamming!

Friday, December 19, 2014

Big News + Icicle Horn!

Hi jammers!
It's been a while, huh? That's because I've been soo busy with Christmas!! Have any of you been really busy, too?
Well, today I have some important news.
I have decided to be an author for the Animal Jam World.
This will not mean I will quit this blog, it just means I will be posting on two blogs rather than one. I will still post normally on here. I will post throughout the week on the Animal Jam World.
Back to the normal posts!
I've loved the Jamaaliday gifts recently! Today's is...
The icicle Horn!! I love it!
Also, have you been playing the new adventure lately? Here are some of the gifts I've gotten:
I love these!!
Also, go to my den to see some cool den ideas!!

Have you noticed all the new items?
And that's just the first page!!
Also, here's a glitch!
A buddy request glitch jammers experience from time to time!
I have more glitches for later ;)!
Thanks for reading!!

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Long Bow in Stores!

Hey jammers!
Yesterday's daily item was...
the Bag of Gifts! This is the first item I'm not really excited for. I have this item, that's why, though. 
Also, the epic Jamaaliday tree is back! Yay!!!
This can be used any time, not just the Jamaalidays!
Also, the long box and panda claw are now in the Diamond Shop
That's cool!

Wednesday, December 3, 2014


Hey jammers! 
So, yesterday's gift was...
the Gingerbread Streamer!! Oh my gosh, AJ is making me so happy with these wonderful daily gifts!!! ^-^ I love them!
Also, I don't know if any of you noticed, but the fruit bowl has come back, and it's really inexpensive!! 
I love this item, because it can go anywhere, and it's a great price!
So...did you guys check out my den yesterday? If so, what did you think? Don't worry, it's not done. I'm going to fill it with all the daily items!
Grr, the Jamaaliday Jam Part is so far away. I will try to do it as soon as possible.

*Hint, Hint* I may be doing a "What Updates AJ Should Have" post, so if you have any ideas, just comment them! Also, comment if you want me to do that!
Another fun thing, I'm thinking about doing a Jamaaliday party....what do you think?
Happy Jamming!

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

The Party is Back!

Hello, jammers! 
This is our 2nd day of daily gifts!
Yesterday's gift was....
The Jamaaliday Hedge!!! I love this item!!! It can be put in any den, and it's not too big! This was a great start to the Jamaalidays!
Once again, tomorrow I'll tell you today's gift so I won't spoil anything for anyone.
Ok, so today's new item is the Jolly Elf Hat
Ooooh, Christmas Spirit!!! Has anyone seen the movie Elf? If so, what did you think?
On another note, if you want to see the daily gifts just go to my den, I'm getting all decked up for the Jamaalidays!!! I will only put the previous days items, though.
Also, at the Diamond Shop there is now the mini shop where they put out some old Christmas den items!
The items in my den are not from this shop, however, they are from a while ago, so that proves that these items did actually use to be in the game.
And, the Jamaaliday Jam party is back in Jamaa!!!
I'll probably post about it next time.
Everyday, I will have some sort of fun thing if there isn't a big update. :) See you soon jammers!!!

Monday, December 1, 2014

Daily Gifts + Rare Necklace!

Hi guys!
For those of you in the United States, I hope you guys had a happy Thanksgiving and Black Friday!!
Anyways, today the daily gifts start!!!
I'm a bit disappointed though, because last year they were all non member. But, this year there are some member ones. And also Christmas Eve and Day are member!!! D: 

Come on, AJHQ. I understand some other days, but not Christmas Day and Eve!! Oh well, what can you do...
So, I've decided I will tell you what the daily gift for a day is the next day. Like I will tell you today's daily gift tomorrow, just so I don't spoil it for anyone!
Also, today is RIM day!!
It's on the 2nd page in Jam Mart Clothing.
Looks-3/5 (The colors aren't something I wear usually)
Price-2/5 (A bit pricy!)
Popularity-2/5 (Girls only; I don't know if this is for everyone)
My Opinion-2/5 (Eh, not my style and a bit pricy)
So all in all 9/20. It's not the best rare to me, but you might think differently......
Comment Call: What do YOU think about it?

Also, on a more random note. I love how AJ is all decked up for the holidays!!

So, jammers. Do you think I should post something like this everyday, until the end of daily gifts?
Happy Jamming!