Monday, December 1, 2014

Daily Gifts + Rare Necklace!

Hi guys!
For those of you in the United States, I hope you guys had a happy Thanksgiving and Black Friday!!
Anyways, today the daily gifts start!!!
I'm a bit disappointed though, because last year they were all non member. But, this year there are some member ones. And also Christmas Eve and Day are member!!! D: 

Come on, AJHQ. I understand some other days, but not Christmas Day and Eve!! Oh well, what can you do...
So, I've decided I will tell you what the daily gift for a day is the next day. Like I will tell you today's daily gift tomorrow, just so I don't spoil it for anyone!
Also, today is RIM day!!
It's on the 2nd page in Jam Mart Clothing.
Looks-3/5 (The colors aren't something I wear usually)
Price-2/5 (A bit pricy!)
Popularity-2/5 (Girls only; I don't know if this is for everyone)
My Opinion-2/5 (Eh, not my style and a bit pricy)
So all in all 9/20. It's not the best rare to me, but you might think differently......
Comment Call: What do YOU think about it?

Also, on a more random note. I love how AJ is all decked up for the holidays!!

So, jammers. Do you think I should post something like this everyday, until the end of daily gifts?
Happy Jamming!

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