Monday, October 27, 2014

Rare Spooky Top Hat

Hi guys! 
It turns out that it was a one-day problem, and I couldn't get on Animal Jam. I'll just post both today.
So today's RIM is the Rare Spooky Top Hat (11th page in Jam Mart Clothing)
My Rating-5/5
So in total the score is 16/20. Wow! That's great! I love this item and I think Animal Jam should do a Top Hat for every holiday! ^-^
Yesterday's new item was in Jam Mart Clothing as well!
The Mummy Mask! I love these masks, they're so cool!
There's a new video in the Sarepia Theater
And another in Tierney's Theater
I think the Animal Oddity looks cool!
The Daily Explorer has posted twice....

Monday Mystery__
So, we all know about the new animal that is coming soon.
Well, do you think that the animal in the bushes in the new adventure is the same animal?
Do you think it's possible? Maybe that's the shaman for this animal? What do you think?

Active News__
So, I came up with 4 pawsome ideas, but I couldn't come up with a 5th, so we're going to have to wait till tomorrow! Sorry!

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Not letting me get on?

Hey jammers! 
Spread the word about the Animal Jam Active Blog!
Um, it won't let me get on Animal Jam!
I need to update my flash player. I'll post later guys sorry!

Saturday, October 25, 2014


Hey jammers! 
Today's new item is the Trick-or-Treat Bucket, in Jam Mart Clothing!
This is such a cool idea! I love it, and it would make some great costumes!
And the new item in Jam Mart Furniture is the Mystical Potion Set!
This is cool, but I wish Animal Jam would make more non member den items for Night of the Phantoms...
There is a new video in Brady's Theater
I got so worried the answer would be yes, but it's no! *Phew* I know what that goo that got on my hand was when I used to pick them up...oh yay..
The Daily Explorer has posted about safety
Safety is very important, jammers! 

Active Epic Den__
This weeks Active Epic Den goes to... 
For the idea of an alpha candy making room!
Congrats! Your den is now in the Active Epic Den history, which you can located by clicking "Contents" then the trophy near "Active Epic Den History"!

Costume Center__
Today's costume idea was brought to you by voiletlol! Thanks!
This one is for members and non members!
It's a bat!
Put on a cool purple and black design, some bat glasses (200 gems in Jam Mart Clothing), and some wings! In this picture Duchess is wearing member wings (member outfit) but you can also wear rare scary bat wings (non member outfit). Enjoy!

Active News__
Working on the schedule! ^-^
Happy Jamming!

Friday, October 24, 2014

Dracula teeth?

Hello jammers! 
Welcome back to the Animal Jam Active Blog! Enjoy your visit and feel free to check out more if you like!
Our first new item is in Jam Mart Clothing
Oh, I love these. These might be my favorite member Night of the Phantoms item. Now we can all be like Dracula! Fun fact- Dracula was a real person, but his real name was Vlad Tepes. O.O
The 2nd item is in Jam Mart Furniture
This is pretty cool and when you click it....
that happens!
The 3rd item is in the clothing thing in Epic Wonders
I love this item as well.
And a new video in Tierney's Theater
I wonder what that's about! 
And the Daily Explorer has posted twice.
I am still so happy that pet owls have returned!
So, those jammers favorite alpha is Liza. My favorite is probably either Greely or Sir Gilbert, but I think I like Greely most. 
What's your favorite alpha? Comment down below!

Did you know?__
Tell me which ones you knew and didn't know in the comments.
Did you know that a bear has forty-two teeth?
Did you know that an ostrich's eye is bigger than it's brain?
Did you know elephants sleep between four-five hours in a 24 hour period?
Did you know frogs can't swallow with their eyes open?
Did you know frogs don't drink (they absorb water through their skin)?
Did you know a crocodile can't stick out it's tongue?

Costume Center is tomorrow.

Active News__
So I think you guys want me to put out a schedule for what's happening next week (I haven't decided if it starts on Monday or Sunday yet). If you do not want me to put out a schedule tell me, and I will see what I can do.
Thanks! Happy Jamming!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

The Mysterious Animal and Jamaa Journal

Hey jammers! 
It's Jamaa Journal day!!!!
There's a new item in Jam Mart Clothing...the halo!
I love this item!
The 2nd item is in Jam Mart Furniture
This is one of my all time favorite Night of the Phantom items! I love it! 
There is a new video in the Sarepia Theater
The World's _____ are always interesting!!
The Daily Explorer has posted.....twice!!!
Be sure to read the AJ Comic! And congrats to those who got their art featured!
Also, I've noticed something weird in the Diamond Shop...
Look! Two claws! One is the bunny claw and one is the tiger claw! I think AJHQ forgot to take away the bunny claw from stores ;).

Jamaa Journal__
So, now for the Jamaa Journal!

 Pet owls!!! I think these are my favorite pets ;).

 Yessss!! I have been waiting for this for forever. I've always had to go through my items and put them onto storage accounts. So it says Club Members, but I'm pretty sure they mean everyone, because I have 400 den slots now, but it may just be me....
Plus, you can put 300 items in your den!
I just wish they would do the same thing to clothing items.
Some Night of the Phantoms items are 50% off! And the Night of the Phantoms items will only be here for a few more weeks! No!
A new animal!? 
*spoiler alert*
I was walking around and some people were saying it is a polar bear, which honestly is a good guess. I don't know though, because polar bears don't have quite that much black on them.

Active News__
So, I think you guys want a schedule but I'm not sure so just tell me one last time if you would rather have a schedule where everyone can see what happens each day or have it a surprise so you can find out each day?
Happy Jamming!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Robot Masks, Spooky Couch, and trick or treating!!!

Hi jammers!!! 
I am so glad to be back!! I am also very sorry for the recent terrible times in posting. My schedule has been a lot busier than I thought it would, and I end up really really tired in the morning. I will try extremely hard to continue posting normal time. 
Ok! Now for the post! I won't post all the new items, but I will post today's..
Today's 1st new item is in Jam Mart Clothing
This is a cool item! I think it's great that animal jam is making so many masks!
Today's 2nd new item is in Jam Mart Furniture
I would have to say the new furniture items lately have been so cool!!!! I love this item, I just wish it was nonmember...:(
There is a new item in Bahari Bargains too!
This is so cool!
The Daily Explorer has posted a Creature Feature
I'm pretty sure monkeys are dangerous, but I haven't watched the video yet. It's on my to-do list!! ^-^

This or That__
Would you rather have me.....
Do real trick-or-treating in my den or trick or treating on the blog?
Let me know! ^-^

Active News__
The week of Halloween is in 4 days! I wanted to do something SO fun, so here's what will happen. 
Something new, exciting, weird, cool, funny, or fun will happen each day of the week (something new each day)! I haven't decided what I should do about the schedule yet though...
Comment below whether I should:
*Keep it a surprise, so you don't know what it is until the day I do it.
*I put out a schedule somewhere where everyone can read what's happening each day.

Thanks!! Happy Night of the Phantoms!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Balloons and Rare Thrones!

Hi jammers! 
I'm so sorry for not posting yesterday. I will get caught up on everything today.
So, some of today's new items are in Jam Mart Clothing
 Yay! Lots more balloons! I think I prefer the Ghost Balloon, it just looks better...
Also, there are some items in Sunken Treasures
Wow, these are all great items! The Phantom Lights are my favorite.
Also, yesterday's Rare item Monday was a Pumpkin Throne, it was on the 3rd page in Jam Mart Furniture.
*Item from Animal Jam Spirit*
My Rating-4/5
So the final rating is 12/20 which isn't bad at all! I love this item, and if it weren't for the price I would give it 5/5 for sure!
There is a new video in Brady's Theater, and a new one in Tierney's Theater.
A vampire squid? Oh my...
Yesterday, the DE posted about a new diamond challenge! It's over now though. 
Did any of you enter? And the other post is about the RIM.

This or That?__
Would you rather Animal Jam have a buddy party or a music video party on Animal Jam?

Active News__
So guys, I've been thinking and I've gotten quite a lot of Night of the Phantom ideas. The first costume idea is Thursday!