Monday, March 31, 2014

Rare Headphones + Milkshake

Hey jammers! 
Today's Rare Item Monday, located in Epic Wonders, is the Rare Golden Headphones.
It's very stylish, but I don't see how it connects with April Fools'. And, it's kind of pricy! 
Looks- 4/5
Theme (April Fools')-1/5
So in total it's 6/15. Not the best monday rare, but it does look cool!

And yesterday's new item was the Milkshake Hat!
I think this item is very cute! My favorite color is the white cup and pink whipped cream.

Tomorrow is April Fools' Day! What are you going to do tomorrow?
As you might have see, the "Beware....of Scams" page has been finished. If you have any scammers, scams, or pictures of examples please comment them on that page or email them to me. Thanks!
I still have a page or two to go, but after I'm finished we'll start the schedule!

Remember to sign up for April's Jammer of the Month! Go to the page by following this link!

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Fry Updates

Hey jammers!

Today's new item is, once again, probably in the April Fools' Party! I will post it tomorrow.

Yesterday's new item was in the April Fools' Party, like I predicted!
It was the Fry Hat!
Wow, that's a very wacky item!

The Aquarium has also posted a new video!
Be sure to watch it!

The Daily Explorer has also posted about The Great Nature Project!

A Scam:

Jammers, yesterday I saw a scammer that actually scammed somebody's Spirit Armor. This was the scam: "MAKE ME ACCEPT AND YOU WIN A RARE SPIKE COLLAR!" The person  had all necklaces on their list. Never trade someone if they say something like this!
Here is their username:

Be sure to report and block them.

In other news, the "Page Poll" is closed!

What page should I add to my blog?

The results:
Beware.....of Scams: 50%
Topic: 12%
Parties: 0%
Trading Central: 37%
Daily Explorer: 25%
AJA Videos: 25%
Looks like most of you wanted "Beware...of Scams" so I will be adding that. I will also be adding "Trading Central" because it comes in 2nd. And I may choose between "Daily Explorer" and "AJA Videos", if I still think I need another page. I am also going to add a "Contents" page so I can store Active Epic Dens, Jammer of Month, etc.

I have also made the schedule for every week. *We will not start this until I finish the pages.

Sunday-  Glitch Hour (Post a glitch)
Monday- Monday Mystery (come up with a mystery for you to answer )
Tuesday- Tuesday Tip (give a piece of tip or advice)
Wednesday-  Idea Center ( Idea Center is either a clothing or den idea that I post)
Thursday-  Jamaa Journal (Post the Jamaa Journal)
Friday- Fact Friday (tell a fact)
Saturday-  Active Epic Den (find an epic den and post it)

I will also do "The Jammer Of The Month". If you are chosen for the Jammer Of The Month, then
  • You will be up on the blog the whole month
  • I will write about you in a post
  • I will show your den in a post
  • You will be shown in the "Contents" page
Be sure to sign up for the Jammer Of The Month today! You can do this by email or by comment.
Here's the form:

*Special Notices-

*Special Notices is if you have anything particular you would like to say such as an achievement or anything like that.

Well, I'd better get started on those pages! I'm sure you guys want to start with the activities! Be sure to sign up for April's Jammer of the Month!

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Box Phases!

Hi jammers!

Today it seems that the new item is in the April Fools' Party like yesterday's new item was. I assume AJ is trying to trick us, by making us look in all the shops in Jamaa then realizing later that it was in the April Fools' Party! Haha, that's what I did yesterday, and today!
 Unfortunately, the April Fools' Party isn't that frequent so I would have to wait for more than 5 hours to post! But I will try to post the new item for today, tomorrow! 
AJHQ is being very tricky!

Here's a little glitch!

 (If you can't see what the bubble, it says, "Hmm cool lion video.I love watching the brown box!")
Wow! Looks like the lion video is a new and improved brown box!!! 
Ha ha!

The Daily Explorer has posted about The Moon!
Be sure to check it out at the AJ Academy! You can follow the link AJ gave us to theAnimal Jam Academy! This is what it is!
Just a little something you can download! But it's super cool!

Just 2 more days to vote on the Favorite Party and Favorite Alpha polls!! 1 more day to vote on what pages I should add! I think I may add 2 or 3. So far 
"Beware.....Of Scams" is in the lead and "Trading Central" is right behind! Then after that, the Daily Explorer and AJA Videos have a tie! "Topic" next, then "Parties" last. 

Jammers, if you have found a glitch on Animal Jam please email it to

Friday, March 28, 2014

April Cheese!

Hello jammers!
So so sorry for the late post! 
It took me a while to find the new item today! I'd searched all the nooks and crannies in Jamaa!
Well, the new item is actually located in a party!
The new item is actually the Cheese Hat!
Wow, very wacky item! And it's non member!!!
All the den items in the April Fools' Party are all the same as last year...

The Daily Explorer has posted a video by Tierney!
Interesting question, Fabulous Fastdog!

Here is a tour of the April Fools' Party! 
Sorry again for the late post, I hope it never happens again!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Treasure Code

Hey jammers!
Surprisingly, I'm still a member! O.O I thought I would have been a non member! Hmm, well, I'm not complaining! :D
Anywho, today's new item is the Treasure Map, which is currently being sold at Sunken Treasures!

And when you click it, a little crab pops out!
Adorable! Looks like this map could be related to adventures! Or maybe a map to a new land! What do you think jammers?
The Daily Explorer has also posted some exciting news!
Yay! A new code! The code is 
I love new codes and when you enter it in you get......
Imprisoned Phantoms! One of my favorites!
The Daily Explorer has also posted about the News Crew assignment.
Congrats Baroness Rockyfoot!!!

So, jamemers! I have gotten a pretty good idea of the schedule for what I will post about ever week is. I'm sure you'll like it!

And more good news! I have a new signature! I think it's better than the old one. Comment below which one you like better!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Necklace & Update

Hello jammers!
I am actually still a member, just for today! 
Also, sorry about the slideshow on yesterday's post! It was meant to be a video. I don't know why it turned out that way.....
I guess I should try something new to make videos with.
Speaking of new, today's new item is the Fossilized Tooth Necklace!

It was originally called the Shark Tooth Necklace, I think Shark Tooth Necklace sounds simpler. This item is one of my favorite member underwater items!
Also, there's a new video in Brady's Theater!
Wow, that's a small snake! O.O
Jammers are coming up with amazing and interesting questions!
The Daily Explorer has also posted some Jammer Art! 
That's some amazing art! I love bunnies! <3 Haha!
I've noticed that at the Chamber of Knowledge there is some new music! Be sure to check it out!
Calling all Commenters: Do you like this new music?

As you all know, yesterday Animal Jam was closed a couple of times for some updates! There were lots of glitches when Animal Jam came back for a short time! Lots of jammers experienced the Mute Glitch (I came up with the name myself since I don't know if it has a real name hehe!), this is a glitch where jammers can't see anything anyone else is typing. Not even in jam a grams! I, myself, experienced this glitch for a short time yesterday! Also, I was in an adventure and another strange, strange glitch happened! The person I was doing the adventure with starting losing all their hearts for no reason! No phantoms were nearby or anything! She kept losing her hearts until we finally decided it'd be best to just leave the adventure! Many jammers were angry with the times Animal Jam closed. I went to Jamaa, and lots of jammers were doing mad faces. But don't worry everything is back to normal now, and I'm assuming all those glitches were fixed, since I haven't ran into one yet! If you have any glitches you took a picture of please email them to!

Also, I'm thinking of the schedule for the Animal Jam Active! I just need one more thing! After I put up the new pages I will post the schedule and start doing it! 

Also, I can't believe I almost have 300 views! I'm thinking about what I should do for 500....

Jammers, I've been very happy about the comments I've been getting! They were all very nice ones! Thanks to all the jammers that commented!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Active Video

Hello jammers! Finally Animal Jam is finished updating!
The Daily Explorer posted a cute little post to assure us that everything is just being updated!
Speaking of the Daily Explorer, it also posted about a new video!
Be sure to watch it quickly! Ha ha, just me being silly there!
The new item is the mystical Table With Orb!
I love this item! And when you click it, little swirls of blue spirit come out! Do you think this could possibly be Mira's spirit?
Well, today's the last day of my membership :(. I do have some good news though! In celebration of my last day of membership I made an Active Mail video!
It's my first one so hopefully it was ok...... But silly me I forgot to show the name tags before I delete the jam a grams and the usernames were cut of! Sorry  jammers! This will be my only one until I possibly become member again.....
So sad.....
Also a glitch!
Hmm, seems like my fox hat has sprouted legs and ran away! Ha ha! 
This happens with many different types of clothing items!
I don't know if any of you jammers have noticed this, but when you click a jammer's name plaque this sometimes pops up. Does it mean temporary avatar? What do you think?
Thanks for reading!

Monday, March 24, 2014

Rare Video

Hey jammers!
Today's Rare Item Monday is located on the 1st page in Jam Mart Clothing
I love this item! It's a great way to start April Fools with all the bright colors!
Looks- 2/5
Themed- 4/5
9/15, pretty good, and it's non member so be sure to buy it! The first in a while! 
Also the Daily Explorer posted about the RIM!
What a pawesome outfit! 
There is also a new video in Brady's Theater!

Very interesting video!
Also, glitch time! ^.^

Hmmmm....... Invisible jammers? This has been happening to me a lot lately!
Those pesky phantoms are trying to make us disappear!
Dun dun dun!

Happy jamming and be sure to vote on the polls!

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Flags + Aldan

Hey jammers! 
Today's new item is in Outback Imports and is called the Rustic Hanging Lantern!0ISq4r
I love this item! It looks good almost everywhere! And finally we have another new item in Outback Imports! 
The original color is dark brown.
The Daily Explorer has also posted a little jammer tip about the Endangerment Flags.

Here's a Jammer Tip:
If you want to go to a world that is very busy than go to Aldan! It's the busiest world and usually EVERY land is full!!! It's kind of like the Trading Capitol for Animal Jam :P!

Calling all Commenters: Are you sad pandas are gone?

Be sure to vote on the polls! They're almost done. 
My membership expires in 3 days :(.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Peck + Update

Hey jammers! 
Today's new item is the Nesting Peck Doll!
Woah, those are big eyes! I think it's adorable! That makes 4 nesting dolls in total!
And speaking of adorable, did you watch the new video in The Aquarium? 

Fascinating sounds, don't you think? I love dolphins!
The Daily Explorer has also posted about Crocodiles!
Be sure to check it out in the AJ Academy!

I'm thinking about a few pages to put on my blog. I will put a post about it now. 
Here's a key for each of the choices:
Beware....of Scams- This will be a page where I post kinds of scams to watch for or scammers themselves
Topic- On this page you can email or comment me a topic you would like me to post about and I will choose one of them to post! There will be a new post every week!
Parties- On this page I will post parties I have and parties going on in Jamaa!
Trading Central- Here you can basically trade through comments! Once you find a person with what you want that wants what you have meet them in Jamaa!
Daily Explorer- I will post the Daily Explorer posts on this page as well as on daily posts so you can keep track 
AJA Videos- I will post videos I make or ones you send in!

Once we decide which will be on my blog, I'm pretty sure it will be finished and I will start to do more fun little things at the end! I will try to come up with lots of fun and cool things for every day of the week! And maybe even some weekly or monthly things! Once we have these my posts will no longer be short! Just be sure you vote on the poll which ones you want most! 

Friday, March 21, 2014

Sailor + Badges

Hey jammers! I hope you liked my little video yesterday! ^.^
Today, the new item is a Sailor's Hat!

I love the color combinations! Especially the light pink hat with pink anchor!
Some new badges too!
It's a cheetah and a lion! For some reason they don't seem as happy as most of the other badges.... 
Also, I noticed a little glitch with the new badges. I was trying the lion badge and when I clicked it....the cheetah one showed up! And if I clicked the cheetah....the lion came up! Very interesting..... 
I also took a few pictures of the new adventure, The Search For Greely!

I love the way you can disguise yourself as a phantom! And it turns out... Greely is still alive! 
The Daily Explorer posted a video by Tierney today, too!
Very interesting! I never knew octopi were venomous! Click that link to go to the Daily Explorer so you can watch it!
In other news, the blog is getting close to being done! I am starting to think about some new ideas for little activities! ^.^ 
Calling all commenters: Do you like the adventures? If so, comment your favorite one!

Jammers, if you have a glitch please send it to Thanks! All is appreciated!