Friday, December 19, 2014

Big News + Icicle Horn!

Hi jammers!
It's been a while, huh? That's because I've been soo busy with Christmas!! Have any of you been really busy, too?
Well, today I have some important news.
I have decided to be an author for the Animal Jam World.
This will not mean I will quit this blog, it just means I will be posting on two blogs rather than one. I will still post normally on here. I will post throughout the week on the Animal Jam World.
Back to the normal posts!
I've loved the Jamaaliday gifts recently! Today's is...
The icicle Horn!! I love it!
Also, have you been playing the new adventure lately? Here are some of the gifts I've gotten:
I love these!!
Also, go to my den to see some cool den ideas!!

Have you noticed all the new items?
And that's just the first page!!
Also, here's a glitch!
A buddy request glitch jammers experience from time to time!
I have more glitches for later ;)!
Thanks for reading!!


  1. Omg love your blog and posts!!! ��

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