Saturday, December 20, 2014

NM Bow + New name!

Hey jammers!
Today I'm starting a new thing where if you see anything underlined, comment the answer or what it asks down below! ^-^
Great new daily item today!!
The non member Bow and Arrows! I got light pink, what did you get?
Also, I know this happened a looong time ago, but did anyone notice the new login screen?
I personally think it's a lot better than the old one! It looks cooler and more fun and animated!
There are also some new items....
Sunken Treasures: Coral Snowman
Jam Mart Furniture: Winter Fire Pit
Oh, I love this! 
Also, I've noticed there are 2 different Jammaliday-like windows.
The one on the left is the Winter Window, the one on the right is the Jamaaliday Window, but both were given around Jamaaliday time (the winter window was from previous Jamaalidays). You can buy the Winter Window in the Jamaaliday Gift Shop (in diamond shop), and you can buy the Jamaaliday Window in Jam Mart Furniture. Which one do you like better?
Also, to end the post, a glitch!!!!
Oh, I love my new name! 
So it's #10396 signing out! Happy Jamming!


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